HuRo Kids First Year Anniversary

HuRo Kids First Year Anniversary

HuRo KidsWe are officially 1!

Thank you all for joining us in our first-year adventure! It's incredible how much we can accomplish in a year! When we launched last year, I had no idea how it would work out; all I know then was that I want to make a difference in children's and families' lives. To give back and at the same time to make parents' lives easier. 

Little did I know that in this journey: 

  1. I'll be a part of a bigger community, 
  2. My "reserved self' will learn to be braver and speak up.
  3.  I'll meet amazing people and make good friends.
  4. We will help more children born with a cleft condition smile (more than what I was anticipating).
  5. Operation Smile Canada  will become like a family.
  6. We will have celebrities and famous people loving on our rompers.
  7. I'll get to be a part of Female Empowerment Program and learn from Joanna Griffiths, Michele Romanow, Jessica Mulroney and Melissa Leong at the peak of Covid Lockdown.
  8.  We’ll get to raise Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness with amazing group of people in our community.
  9.  We’ll be on national tv for a month campaigning for Operation Smile and the cleft community.
  10.  HuRo Kids will be in baby stores in different parts of Canada.
  11. We will work together with our local community during Covid.
  12. We will be on Amazon, and also selling in U.K.

And the lists goes on....🤗

Thank you all for making our first year a great start. It wasn't all ups ( like sacrificing hours of sleep, having lesser time with my kids, juggling schedules between the kids' appointments and work, Covid -eek, shipping cost stress, and so much more), but it was

“A Year of Making Things Happen”.

Special thank you to my dearest husband, my sweet boys, our best childcare, my family, my friends, my Operation Smile Family,  to all of our customers and everyone who supported us. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Cheers to year two of making more smiles! 


Audrey Giesbrecht 

Founder HuRo Kids Clothing 





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