Mom's Journey during Covid-19

Mom's Journey during Covid-19

Our world shut down, and our lives changed in a matter of weeks.

The Pain of Looking Back:
February, we were clueless that it would be our kids' last playdate with their friends. I have regrets of rescheduling coffee dates with friends, postponing my birthday celebration and not going out more in public places like the aquarium just because I thought that we could go back again anytime. As a mom of young kids, we had our daily routine, which involves the outdoors, community centres and playdates.

Covid19 Stay at Home:
Our world has shut down, and to keep everyone safe and comfortable, we stayed home. There is a fear of uncertainty. At first, staying at home with two boys under the age of 4 was a scary thought. We got them a bouncy castle, maximize our balcony, did so many crafts, learned to bake, read books (so many books), potty train, cheering on our healthcare heroes every 7pm and so much more. We got creative. We got this time for ourselves- just us.

Two and a half months later, we got used to our new normal. The living room turned into a gym or Jurassic Park; our family dinner is more fun, the balcony is a delight in getting fresh air. Baking muffins brings more joy than eating them. Bath time is now the "pretend beach time."

Staying at home turned to be more fun than I thought.

COVID 19- Restrictions Lifted
I miss the old routine, but I love the new normal. Now that some restrictions are lifted, I still worry about the crazy virus out there, but I think I worry more about our young kids' social, emotional and mental development. I see the sad face when they can't hug another family member or their friends. I know the joy when they see other children and that eagerness to go and play, but I also know the pain when they can't fully connect because there is "virus" out there.

No one knows what tomorrow brings, and we can only deal with today. Our "nows are worth living." So cheers to a messy house, cold/microwaved coffees and a home full of adventures.
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