Hello Canada,

We are one day away from celebrating the Longest Day of Smiles with Operation Smile Canada. Now more than ever, we need a reason to smile and to make someone smile.

Every 3 mins, children are born with a Cleft Condition all over the world, even during the pandemic. A Cleft Lip/ Palate affects any gender, race and people worldwide.

In Canada, a surgery to fix cleft conditions is done before a child is 18 months old. This is not the case in other countries, and sometimes it takes years for them to receive treatments. Children face hurdles and get bullied because of this.

This video is a glimpse of what we've been through in our Cleft Journey here in Canada. Unfortunately, a lot of cleft families don't have the same access healthcare system, but the good news is we can still help them smile through Operation Smile.

We partnered with Operation Smile Canada because it is so close to hearts that we donate a portion of our proceeds. In celebration of the Longest Day of Smiles, we are inviting you to please join us in helping a child get a chance of a better life. In Canada, you can text SMILE to 45678 to automatically donate $10 or visit www.operationsmile.ca . 

Every smile has a story, and behind that smile is Journey.
One child, one smile, one smile at a time.

Thank you.


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