Our Story

Hi there, my name is Audrey. I'm a Smile Ambassador, Founder of HuRo Kids Clothing and a Cleft Strong Mom. My son was born with a cleft lip and palate, an experience that changed our lives forever.  As hard as it was, our cleft lip and palate journey made us grateful for every good thing in our lives. Like the amazing healthcare available in Canada.

This experience opened my eyes to the reality that many families around the world don't have access to the same medical care. For them, life often goes on without surgery, leaving kids with social, emotional and health challenges.

HuRo Kids Clothing was born with the goal of bringing a smile to a child. We do this through our commitment to giving back to the cleft lip and palate community and designing functional products that bring moments of delight to the every day!

Our Designs

All our baby clothes designs are simple, minimalist, comfortable and stylish. Our zippies are parent and child friendly.

Our Zippies are baby onesies with the zipper that goes from LEG to LEG. This design makes it easier to change nappies. We love creating designs that are functional, stylish and can simplify the everyday lives of young families. 


From our fabrics to our sizing, all our products are designed to help you buy once and buy well. Our sizing is generous, making sure you can get many wears, out of each piece as your baby grows.

Our clothing is made of either bamboo or cotton. Our zippers are all YKK. YKK is the best zipper in the universe.

Giving Back

The heart of our company is to give back. It’s our privilege to support organizations who share these values by donating a portion of our proceeds to them.

We proudly support Operation Smile Canada- a charity dedicated to providing corrective medical care to children with cleft conditions around the world.




Founder of HuRo Kids Clothing