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December is one my favourite months. I love that it’s festive, it’s giving, it’s loving , it’s and also a great time to look back on the year to reflect and plan ahead before hugging the New Year.

Looking back to last year’s December, we were on quarantine. We were all trying to avoid little Roman picking up a flu bug as his Cleft Palate Surgery got rescheduled twice already from him coming down with a flu. With the family quarantine that we were doing we missed out on seeing our family and friends on Christmas and New Year’s.

Our New Year was a combination of silence and hope.  We walked into 2019 celebrating our successful effort to get Roman into his Cleft Palate Surgery! January 1st ended with a hungry little boy fasting for his surgery the next morning. My brave little Roman got in the surgery room with a smile on his face, waving goodbye to mom and dad not knowing what was waiting for him on the other side. Six hours later, I walked in the recovery room. Roman was awake. He look confused, scared but also relieved to see that mom and dad were there.  My heart was breaking to see him in pain at a very young age, and yet I was also feeling grateful his quality of life will improve.

I’ve never thought that our Cleft Lip and Palate Journey with Roman will change our lives forever. I’ve learned about Operation Smile when I was pregnant with Roman, and I followed them ever since. I’ve read stories where families walked for days from their village to get to the medical facilities with big hopes to get a free surgery for their child. I’ve seen a glimpse on how people’s lives were changed. My experience is nothing compared to what these families have been through. It was an eye opener and a wake up call that there is more to life. I am most thankful for our beautiful country, to our health care and the amazing team our BC Children's Hospital. It opened my heart's capacity to make a deposit into someone’s life. But here’s the thing. How could I help? I am a full time mom of two toddler boys. My hands are full, literally. When I go out, it's like playing tug of war with one hand on a three year old boy and one hand on the stroller full of groceries with a two year old all strapped in. Our home is like Jumanji everyday.  Life is busy and starting a business at this season of my life is a stretch but I decided to take a leap of faith with my two toddler boys holding on to my legs, and it's been very rewarding.  This journey taught me that I am never too insignificant to make a difference.  I’ve learned that when  your heart is set to make a difference, it changes you, your perspective, your desires, your dreams. It changes how you live your life.

This year when I pursued my passion to start HuRo Kids. It started with my love for children's clothing, zipper onesies and passion to give back. We launched HuRo Kids Clothing in October 31st, 2019, it came to life with a goal of giving back to help a child born with a cleft condition get a better chance for a fuller life. Today, HuRo Kids is 8 weeks old and I am so thrilled to announce that we are able to raise funds to make at least 3 children smile!  

2019 was definitely one for the books! So grateful for my very supportive husband, my beautiful boys, my family, my friends, grateful to amazing new friendships this year from random places (park, community centre, lobby, grocery store line ups, events, baby industry, instagram, church and so much more), grateful for Operation Smile Canada for giving me a chance to work with them, grateful for our customers for supporting us and for being a hero for these children, grateful for my HuRo Kids team for making things happen and most of all I am grateful to God for everything in my life and for giving me strength to keep going.  This 2020, with your support, I look forward to bring more smiles, change more lives and bring joy into your daily lives with our functional super hero baby clothes.  May this new year give us all joy and opportunity to follow our dreams and smile unconditionally. 





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This is beautiful! What an amazing year 2019 was for you and your family! I pray that 2020 will be even more amazing for you! What a great cause, to give kids a smile- may God multiple your smiles 10 times over!


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