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Monica and Linden's Cleft Journey

I was 37 weeks pregnant, when we found out Linden was going to be born with a cleft lip. It took the joy out of the last few weeks of pregnancy and replaced it with worry. However the worry was instantly gone the day Linden was born. 


Linden was born with an incomplete unilateral cleft lip, a submucous cleft palate and the biggest brown eyes. He went for a four hour cleft lip and nasal surgery at 3 months old. He then spent the next two weeks in arm restraints to keep his arms away from the hundreds of stitches, glue and tape on his face. The first 24 hours were so tough on us all, but by the next day he was nursing again, and full of smiles!


He is now just over 2, he is silly and sweet and you can hardly even see his scar! He will require at least one more surgery around the age of 5 to correct his gum line, where they take bone from his hip and insert it into his gum. I know he will rock that surgery just like every other bump that has come his way!


Monica Register

Cleft Strong Mom

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