Summer to Fall Baby Outfit.

Summer to Fall Baby Outfit.

Summer to Fall Baby Outfit.


This is the time of the year when the weather is a little unpredictable.

Daytime can it can so hot, and nighttime shifts to a cooler side. This weather change can also mean that dressing our babies and toddlers can be tricky.


Here are a few recommendations for baby and toddler outfits during this season.


  1. Bamboo Onesies like HuRo Kids Perfect Onesies. These onesies are made of bamboo. It is breathable, moisture-wicking, sweat resistant, hypoallergenic, has natural UV protection and is perfect for all weather. The plus factor of these baby and toddler onesies is the leg-to-leg zipper function. One piece of baby clothing and you are ready to go anytime, anywhere.
  2.  Bamboo Top and Bottom Set. This is also a great and very convenient baby and toddler must-have. This is great to potty trained toddlers because of the convenience of pulling the pants up and down.
  3. Midweight French Terry Rompers ( HuRo Kids Hooded Zipper Romper/ HuRo Kids Short Sleeve Romper). French terry cotton is a great fabric for baby and toddler clothes because its moisture wicking and its breathable. This makes it an amazing option, especially when going out and about. 



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